SPARKTECH supplies the market with a number of key services that includes:
Spark Tele Exchange:
Egypt’s First financial information telephony service
SPARKTECH is the developer of Spark Tele Exchange the first stock exchange telephony service in the Middle East. This service enables the subscriber to use the telephone or fax to follow-up all stock market activities. SPARKTECH receives stock market information from Reuters (The biggest provider of financial data in the world) and using telephony technology distributes it to all customers.

Spark Tele Exchange is a breakthrough in the area of financial information systems as it enables users to access their stock exchange and currency terminals from any place having a telephone. It empowers the user to receive the latest analysis and reports using the fax from any place. This service is proving to be of extreme importance to professional users ,giving them mobility, as well as non-professionals giving them easy access to expensive data with the simplest technology.
Spark Contact Center
The long experience we have acquired in building and operating contact centers, enabled SPARKTECH to set its own contact center. Empowered by our award winning software, our contact center provides world class services to medium and small business requirements. We provide a variety of services including, Telesales, Telemarketing, Customer Service and others. We have also provided consulting services that enabled different customers make good utilization of their contact center.